spring-summer 2011 fashion week trend coverage - part 2

I'm so sorry for not posting for that long, but this posts are really hard to do (really fun, but still hard to do:)
so let's begin with the 2nd part of my trend coverage, this time it's all about colors, and tons of them!
yes, I know that all the happy, naive colors are always hot when it's summer. but, with some new shapes, prints and patterns and a darker attitude in some- this summer, the colors get a new hue(:

Alexandre Herchcovitch-
a little geometric shapes, and some pants, and we have a great use of color-block that makes this collection look really cool and sophisticated.

Diane von Furstenberg-
with a lot of cool prints and some beautiful color combinations, DVF made a great and colorful summer collection.

Betsey Johnson-
one of the most colorful designers in the world dosen't disappoint, and making a beautiful collection with gorgeous happy colors like orange, turquoise, blue, and cool prints.

Tommy Hilfiger-

Tommy's high-society-sport gets super-colorful for summer, and it seems like yellow, orangy-red and light blue are the colors to wear this summer!

the always-feminine donatella doesn't disappoint. with amazing hair-lookalike (or maybe real hair, haha:) dresses, stripes and military suits, all in beautiful colors like strong light-blue and orangy-red (but in a whole different way then Tommy Hilfiger).

Michael Kors-
I just love how Marc make the most basic fabrics and the most basic shapes into something beauitiful, every single time! again, the yellow and light blue are here, but also amazingly strong pink, beauitiful green (sometimes was shown with gorgeous brown belt), and stunning purple!

My faves:

although I didn't really liked the Miu Miu collection, Miuccia never let me down when it comes to Prada! the collection was made of some more minimalistic shapes, but the colors (blue, pink, green, orange and yellow) and the animal prints (who gets a whole new definition for this summer- unlike fall's animal prints wich includes leopard spots and stuff, this summer's animal prints are more like animal painting- just like in this Prada collection, there're monkeys and bananas, and if you'll look a little bit lower, you'll see the zebra version in Louis Vuitton, wich is also gorgeous!) were just fabulous!
Favorite outfit: the white top with blue monkeys on it,with the pink-black stripes skirt (2nd from right) 

Louis Vuitton-

Marc Jacobs' Louis Vuitton show was all about safary motif- zebras, giraffes and tigers were the main theme. about the figures, those were more in a traditional-chinese-but-in-a-new-way style. and when the animals and the asian styles were combined together, as you can see- it was just incredible!
Favorite outift: the light-blue and purple zebra-stripes dress. amazing. (1st from left)

Marc Jacobs-

Marc Jacobs is really into colors this season, and really into amazing shows always(:
I just fell in love with every single piece of this collection- from the incredible colors (gorgeous tones of purple and beautiful yellow-ish gold) , to the beautiful flowers who were combined in the hair and necklaces. and it was such an amazing show, I just couldn't decide wich outfit is my favorite. so let's say it's all of them (and not just the five I showed you:) 

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I'm back from Paris and it's time to sum-up the fashion week

hey there, long-time-no-see (: I just landed from paris a few days ago and I had a really great time in there! amazing views, amazing streets, amazing shops, amazing city! but I still can't believe I missed the fashion week in one day! just awful... but just because I missed the fashion week in Paris, dosen't mean I can't show you some awesome collections from there, and from three other fashion weeks arownd the world. and because almost all the shows are over, I decided to just part the collections to a few posts (because there're way too many shows I loved, and way too many trends to post in only one post..) and each post will be about a new different trend of the spring-summer 2011 collections! so, without another word (I think I said too many, haha:) let's get to the shows. and the first trend is.... feminine-loose (soft fabrics and clean lines)

feminine outfits became not so obvious thing in fashion, especially because the man-ish trend became popular. and the summer 2011 shows is much more "in-a-loose", and less "50's-lady", wich works perfect for the summer seasons and it's super fun to wear!

Nina Ricci-
I just love with all the ruffles and the gorgeous colors!

Badgley Mischka-
 with amazing light-blue, and some gold and white, Badgley Mischka is the perfect-for-spring collection! 

J. Mendel-
 J. Mendel added some fur to the simple mini, and long-loose dresses and really made them look great, although it's summer(:

Donna Karan-
 one of the most feminine designers of this time made an amazing collection of soft loose dresses in nude, gold and brown...

 Haider Ackermann-
 amazing dresses and pant-suits with super-deep cleavage. absolutely faboulous!

 and now to my two favorite collections of this beautiful feminine trend:


I just fell inlove with this Lanvin collection. it's absolutely perfect, and it's exactly what I mean by saying "loose-up feminine". my faves are the first dress and the strong red one (Karlie Kloss), but those are just incradble and gorgeous. definetly one of my faves for this season!


I love it! the Marchesa collection is maybe less "in-a-loose" but it's totally feminine, and gorgeous! those dresses are litterly "fashion-art", beacause they're just like statues, amazingly perfect ones, but still statues(: and even the ones who don't looks like a human art, are just so pretty, they can get all the attention everywhere! and again, one of my faves(: