Emmy awards- the best and worst (haha it rhymes, sort of...)

as I said, one of the gratest things about the fall and winter it's the award season, and even better- the stars-wearing-whatever-they-want-although-sometimes-it-gets-ugly-and-we-can-laugh-about-it season! but lets get serious, there were some great dresses out there, but also some horror outfits! 
so it's gonna go like this: I'll pressent to you all the greatest (and the not so great) dressers, tell my opinion and after you'll check all the outfits, laugh about all the awful outfits like I did (I know, not so nice but I couldn't help it:) and vote on both polls (on the left bar) and choose who're the best and worst dressers on the Emmy.  you'll have a week (until the september 7) to vote...

let's start with the boys, wich wouldn't be on the votes but I just wanted to show you some great male dressers, there wasn't any BAD dresser but there were a few guys that really looked great!

Aaron Paul: simple tux but yet look very nice!
Chris Colfer: if you take a colser look at his tux, you can see there a musical-note-pin! super cool and match perfectly to his show(:
Kevin McHale: my favorite male-dresser of the Emmy's. the orange bow-tie gave his simple, boring tux an edge and he just look great! (oh and his glasses- totally Glee geek-chic:)
Tracy Morgan: Tracy always have a fun and cool look on the red carpet, not a special tux but yet great... (and for the woman who was next to him- sorry for cutting you of the picture:)

OK, now it's girl time! 
this Emmy there were a few great trends, some looked stunning in them and some- not so much...

The strapless-  no doubt strapless was the trend everyone was wearing at the Emmy's red carpet. there were some amazing strapless gowns in there, and maybe some best-dressed nominees!

Diana Agron: absolutely perfect! Diana wearing a gorgeous Carolina Herrera gown and she's definitely one great choice for the best-dressed award!
Lea Michele: Diana's Glee co-star never disappoints! Lea looks fabulous with an Oscar de la Renta dress and a gorgeous Lorraine Schwartz necklace. also, Lea is no doubt a best-dressed nominee!
Sofia Vergara: well, Sofia's Carollina Herrera dress isn't so nice. although the color of the dress match perfectly to her skin tone, all those sequins are not my thing... not horrible but not so great as well...
Jayma Mays: the Glee girls totally rocking the Emmy's red carpet! Jayma's Burberry Prorsum navy blue dress looks very much like Lea's dress but more clasic and less drama, just perfect for Jayma! 
Jewel: Zuhair Murad's nude, ruffels and lace gown looks really good on Jewel, and her picture is super cute(:
Olivia Munn: Olivia Munn wearing this Zac Posen beautiful dress, and I really like the dress' color.
Kyra Sedgwick: amazing dress! the Emmy winner was wearing a Monique Lhullier eggplant shade dress, sounds lame but this color is actually one of my favorites! I'll say she's can totally be a nominee!

Shiny girls- for the following few monthes, all the sparkly and shiny outfits who gets much of attention get out of the closet and get on the red carpet! also in this look, all the stars nailed it!

Maria Menounos: beautiful! I just love this Ralph&Russo low-cut back dress! this dress has an old Hollywood glamour, and Maria's beautiful updo and red lipstick completes the dress and give Maria a look full of old Hollywood chic!
Connie Britton: in a beautiful Burberry navy gown, simple but yet really cute.
Heather Morris: another Glee girl who's doing a great job. Heather looks fabulous in Ina Soltani glam shiny dress...
Wanda Sykes: I think Wanda looks really good in that Zuhair Murad nude one-shoulder gown, not amazing, but nice(:
Jennifer Carpenter: I really like her one-shoulder sequin gown, it's really nice and looks perfect on her body.
Claire Danes: with this stunning Armani Prive couture dress Claire Danes is one of my favorite choice for the best-dressed award!

The one-shoulder- just like the two previous categories, there wasn't any awful one-shoulder dress, but there aere some really great ones:

Elizabeth Moss: she looks amazing in this nude Donna Karan dress. it's simple but also stunning and gorgeous!
Emily Blunt: grogeous Christian Dior light purple gown, and Emily looks just amazing, enough amazing to be a best-dressed nominee!
Jane Krakowski: Jane never disappoints me, she looks stunning in a gorgeous Escada gown!
Jane lynch: not amazing like her other Glee co-stars but it's OK...
Nina Dobrev: absolutely fabulous! Nina's thin body fits perfect for this amazing Zuhair Murad gown! she's definatily a great nominee for the best-dressed award!
Emily Deschanel: a bold choice who really paid off. Emily wearing a beautiful Max Azria ruffels dress, in an amazing purple shade!
Cheryl Hines: Cheryl wearing a gorgeous Zac Posen silver gown. again, it simple but yet really nice.

White Night- my favorite category of the night was the white dresses, and each one of those white dresses was divine! 

Brooke Burke: in a beautiful gown, wich is pretty sad but I don't know who designed the dress...
Eva La Rue: again, a beautiful white dress, but I don't know who designed it.
Julie Benz: Julie looks incredible in a white one-shoulder Pamela Roland gown with a beaded cut-out hip, who gave this clean white a gorgeous edge! I really like her necklace who matched the beaded hip, but her hair wasn't really nice, maybe if she would have done an updo instead she could look much better!
Kim Kardashian: Kim really surprised me with this beautiful Marchesa gown! this dress has an amazing neckline that really gives the dress an Egyptian look, and it match to her gorgeous cuff! this wonderful look gives Kim a nomination for the best-dressed award!
Rose Byrne: love love love this Gucci white dress! the gold trims make Rose look like a Grecian goddess! love this dress! Rose is definitely another nominee for the best-dressed award.
Amber Riley: Glee girls just rocking this red carpet! Amber looks lovely in this Melissa Masse gown. this dress really flattering Amber's body, and I really think she looks great!

after all those great dressers, we need to find some nominees so here they're:

Diana Agron in Carolina Herrera
Lea Michele in Oscar de la Renta
Jayma Mays in Burberry Prorsum
Kyra Sedgwick in Monique Lhullier
Claire Danes in Armani Prive
Maria Menounos in Ralph&Russo
Emily Blunt in Christian Dior
Nina Dobrev in Zuhair Murad
Kim Kardashian in Marchesa
Rose Byrne in Gucci

OK, we saw all those amazing dressers, and I promised to show you some dresses that seem to come out from one of my nightmares... so let's see some horror!

January Jones: January, I'm sory to tell you this but you look like a peacock! come on, last year you was the best dresser of the Emmys! what the hell happened??
Ariel Winter: if you don't recognized this girl I'll tell you who she's- this's Alex from Modern Family, and she's 12 year old! not only this dress is ugly, if someone wearing it, it supposed to be at least when you're 30 year old! if someone whould have telling me that girl is 12 I would never belive him. so Ariel, please enjoy your childwood and wear this dress in 20 years. actually, wear it NEVER!
Lauren Graham: this dress is really wierd, but her shoes are just awful! I'm speechless (in the bad way)
Ty Burell's wife: what the hell were you thinking when you wore this super ugly dress?! and you even wasn't invited, you're the plus-one of someone, so at least wear something normal, you look like a crazy girl!
Naya Rivera: all your Glee-friends dressed so well, and you just ruined everything with this prom-from-hell dress! it's just too much, this pumpkin you put on your head is just awful and I really hope it was a one-time mistake because I can't look at this picutre anymore.
Mindy Kaling: ohhhh it's just too much tull, I feel like I'm choking! this's a really ugly dress and just like Naya Rivera, her hair is too tall and too ugly.

that's it, for now. you have one week to vote for who do think was the best and worst! 

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  1. i loved claire danes' dress, january jones-you are gorgeous, why would you wear that awful blue dress?!

  2. Hahahaha, we are so different! I loved the Blue Armani that January Jones wore!!!

  3. lovely dresses and show!!

  4. hey guys, please vote for who you think is the best or worst dressers(:

  5. I kind of secretly loved January Jones's dress

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  6. they are totally amazing! but I agree with you. I think Ariel Winter is not fit with her dress. She doesn't look like a teen.
    I think the best dresser is Jane Krawkoski. that beautiful dress looks fit to her.

    + thanks for your comment
    ++ I love your blog so I'm following yours. follow me back if you like :)

    jessie xx

  7. I like Nina Dobrev and Kim Kardashian! their dresses and styling was so amazing ! http://luciapajtasblog.blogspot.com/

  8. I see some amazing dresses.

  9. I think my favorite was Claire Danes, she just looked so effortlessly pretty

  10. i really enjoyed this post!

  11. great coverage of the emmy's. my absolute faves...claire danes, nina dobrev and maria menounos. so much glitz and glamour


  12. I love the black sparkly off the shoulder number.I am now following so return the favour ehe :) thanks x

  13. hey im following you back! :D

    Emily Deschanel's dress is bad, for me... just too much unnecessary layer on it, I think

  14. i love your blog

  15. I LOVVEE the Ralph&Russo dress soo much! IT IS ABSOLUTELY DIVINE!
    Thank you for commenting on my blog and I think we should follow each other! So I’m following you now.. your turn to follow me back! HAHA!
    I love this post… you’ve written soo much! X will be looking forward to your next one!

  16. Haha! I am laughing at the worst-dressed list. I loved Claire Danes look the best I think :) But there are a few others I wouldn't mind having either.
    Great post!

  17. אנונימי2/9/10

    !Thanks for the comment
    .I like your blog and will follow it now :)

  18. I liked january's dress, just not on her

    I thought everyone was soo safe, but Claire Danes looked amazing and glowed