I got tagged by Anna(:

I got tagged by Anna from Fruity Taste, so I guess I need to answer her lovely questions and then tag some other followers of me and give them some questions to answer on(:

1. Why did you decided to have a blog?
I think I opened a blog because I really like fashion and I wanted to share my thoughts about fashion and stuff with other people and get some other opinons(:

2. Is there any particular designer, you like?

There're too many! one of my favorites is Jhon Galliano. He's a GENIUS! I love he do everything BIG and he's so theatrical!  I just love him!

3. How much money do you spend on fashion?

A LOT! but it's not my money so I don't really care(: 
4. Who inspires you?

Who? ummmm I don't know... when I watch fashion shows I like or some very cool pictures I get inspired, there isn't SOMEONE tha get me inspired....

5. Which 3 things would you take on a lonely island?

My Vogue collection, a notebook with a pencil  so I can draw in case I get inspired(: and Jhon Galliano, I think he can be very useful on a lonely island. and I can eat him if I get hungry(:

6. Describe your look with 3 words.

Fun. Cool. Free(:

7. What do you do on a sunday morning?


8. Your favourite colour?

Definatly purple.

I guess I have to  write some questions of my own now, so here they are:

1.  What's your favorite fashion trend?
2.  Who's your fashion icon?
3.  Where you've always wanted to live?
4.  Who's your favorite designer?
5.  What's your favorite shop?
6.  What's your favorite movie?
7.  3 things you can't live without.

and the people I tagged:
kat not jas
altruistic fashion
Jessica Weingarten

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  1. Thanks for picking me girl! xxxx

  2. Thanks for picking me :)


  3. haha i love to read those facts<3
    realy nice blog!

  4. Hi. I am following you. Follow me too ;-) it will be nice. ;-)

  5. Great blog, I am following you. :) Thanks for visiting my blogs, you have great sense in style :)

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  7. I wish I had someone paying for all my fashion needs. haha

    I am having my first giveaway, stop on by.