Oh! it's Dior Couture- the 1st part of fall 2010 couture collections

My favorite shows are hereeeeeeeeee! The couture collections are stunning and avant-grade! and who makes better couture then Mr. Jhon Galiano?? I say NOBODY!

I'm so in love with Jhon Galiano right now! Only one word can describe this incradeble show-DIVINE!
Although it suppose to be a fall collection, the isnpiration for this collection is flowers! as you can see, all the dresses, especialy the puffy ones, looks very much like upside-down flowers...

Jhon Galiano gives the full show or non, so the details(shoes, hair, make-up), are not less awesome then the outfit it self:

those shoes are soooooo beautiful!


the make-up! and the hair! it's all too perfect! and Karlie Kloss is amazing! i love her so much!
OK enough with the exclamation marks !



here some photos from backstage:

I really have to try make-up like that some time, so coool!

Yeah! Models actually eat! weird ha?

for last, here a picture of the ledgenary designer-Jhon Galiano!

Jhon Galiano set a high standard for the others to come, maybe the HIGHEST standard, still, it's Jhon Galiano we're talking about, who could beat this guy, and his very much awesome collection.

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  1. Hell, yes. It does look like upside down flowers.
    Just a question, where do you find these runway-photos?
    Thanks. Also, lot of trouble typing comments here. But that's great fun.

  2. And hairs look like buds!

  3. Also, it's John Galliano, not Jhon Galiano. Sorry about flooding your comments.

  4. I find them on Style.com, thets a great website which has all the fashion shows, you just need to look(: about the buds, i didnt notice.. pretty awesome!
    and about the flooding, it's OK(:
    Thx for being a follower!

  5. galliano is amazing!

  6. He really is awesome!

  7. so now i follow your blog :D
    follow my blog too, thanks :D