Resort 2011 Part one

I just love resort collections. they're so fun to look at, so easy-breezy and cool! It dont have to be a subject for them, only to have fun with the fashion, that's why fashion even made from the first place, from love for clothes and wear (well actually it was made so you won't be naked, but you know what I mean..)

I had to cut this post into two parts because this stuiped blogger couldn't save my post I was working on for 3 days! So, this's the first part of my favorite RST shows and I'll try to post the 2nd part soon.


The floral and the strong colors are the base of this collection, and this is so beautiful! And those boho bandanas?! PERFECTION.

Stella McCartney-

Oh Stella! You're so awsome! I lovvve you so much!
I wish I had this floral dress, and the black dress, and the white, and the blue, and.... ohhhh I just want it all!
The clean shades with the gorgeous flower paints and the lace.. If I had one of those I was like the happiest person on earth!
Well, time to move on..

Carolina Herrera-

Carolina Herrera is no doubt the champion in lady-like and redcarpet dresses.
She brings simple and classic with some trendic attitiude and it makes some perfect dresses!
I think the lite-blue dress is the MOST perfect dress on the universe, simple but still young and fresh-PERFECT.

Alice + Olivia-

This collection is like a retro clothes from the 60's, the 70's and the 80's combined, but it's actually works, very much awesomely works!
This collection is so beatiful, with the colorblock dresses and the easy-breezy fabrics, the stripes and dots and the strong lines all together make a gorgeous collection!

Miu Miu-

Miuccia Prada is a genius! The fabrics, the prints, the figure, everything in those clothes shouts HOT, YOUNG and espesially- INSOLENT. This collection is sassy but cute, hot and so trendy but still have vintage figures. The Miu Miu RST11 has it all!
I just can't stop looking, it's so beautiful!

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